29 January 2011

Feeling Good with Michael Buble and Nina Simone

I woke up this morning with one thought on my mind,
" new dawn....new day....new life....feeling good "
Not a bad way to start the day :)

Hope you have a fabulous weekend...
just feeling good!

Michael Buble- Feeling Good

Nina Simone-Feeling Good

Thanks you all for your comments yesterday.
As you can see....I am feeling good, feeling fine :)

Before you go.... which one do you prefer
 Michael or Nina's version of the song?

When your done you may feel like me,
I am ready for a karaoke night!
I just need that microphone stand first.

Video: You Tube

28 January 2011

On my desk......

Dear Friends...

Grey skies sit over Surrey and I am enjoying the peace and quiet of home.
I felt an enormous sense of relief today. I have spent the last week waiting on 
 a chest x-ray as a result of this silly flu that has been lingering weeks on end.
I am sure you can imagine what a weeks worth of google searches resulted in :)
I was so relieved to hear that my lungs are clear...a huge weight was lifted.

I filled the air with music, carried on with my consumption of green tea,
sat at my desk and took a deep sigh...carefully. 
(the cough still lingers.)

I thought of a post and wasn't sure where to start.
I looked around and realised
it was right in front of me, my desk,
and on it sits....

My collection of cards waiting for a recipient...

 My lovely New Zealand paua shell heart from friends Lisa and Susan 
and a sweet little blue star from my long time friend Kathy. 
We met the first day of college in 1979 and I remember it like it was yesterday.

On my desk...a writing pad covered with some of my favourite pictures...
Thatcher Island Twin Lights along Cape Ann...
A little cottage by the sea in Rockport...
and a row of Adirondack chairs in an open field in New Hampshire.

A reminder to sign up for a photography class 

A few recent book purchases...

and a little inspiration from my daughter Claire

Something I hold near and dear from my blogging world...
beautiful words about Collage of Life
from Christina at River Rose.

Those scribbles that I never seem able to throw away...from
posts written long ago...


My colourful little Chinese friend to remind 
me that everything has a way of working out.

and last but not least just because I love this painting...

'The Room with a View' 
by Duncan Grant 1919
Painting of Vanessa Bell 
at home in Charleston, Sussex
more here

How about you, what sort of keepsakes do you keep on your desk?


25 January 2011

My Irish Dubarry and Tika

Ok..woman gone wild again. 
What can I say? It is an age thing!
I have been blogging for one year now, 
about the same time that I have been living in England.
Shortly after I arrived, I spotted these Dubarry boots and fell in love. 

I have pined away for these little beauties 
and have driven Mr. H crazy in the process.
I have looked, touched, tried them on in both Ireland and England
and blogged about them five times (including this one) on two blogs. 
How many hints can one drop?

Finally, at Christmas....
a little note was tucked into my Christmas stocking :)
"Merry Christmas to you and your Dubarry's"
Today they arrived and I am such a happy camper.

I confess, I was not the only one who was happy to see these boots.
Tika took one look and went into major dog alert.

How many ways can a dog say.....
please take me for a walk ?

Laying next to the boots is one hint and 
giving me the 'that's ok, I don't mind' look is another.

Then again, there is the lip curling 'please' 
with those big sad eyes looking up at you.

Last but not least, there is the all out..
' I will love you and cherish you for the rest of my life' look.

How could I resist that one? 

Happy Tika!

Happy Jeanne!

Top image via Barbour
Second image via Dubarry
all others via me


On another note....
because I always like to leave with just one more..

I am loving the music of Adele, an up and coming British artist.
You can check out her latest song here...this is the sort of 
song you want to crank up in the car...when you are alone ;)

24 January 2011

Dear J. Peterman

Dear J. Peterman

Your 2011 Anti-Recession Manual traveled across the sea and 
arrived in my post box today. What a welcome sight it was. I recently re-connected with your brand...having thought that you were long gone. What a delight to discover that you 
have been going from strength to strength all these years.  I love that you are still "travelling the world to find uncommonly good stuff." Your creative energy is unsurpassed. This morning, over a cup of coffee and your catalog, I travelled the world.

My contemplations are thus....

 Indian Print Duster (No 2797) 
in diaphanous, silk georgette.

Crushed Velvet Blazer in Moss Green (No.2821)
From Florence you say?

Most Dangerous Short Leather Jacket (No 2805)
I am sure Virginia Hall would have been most impressed.

Adventurous Shirt Dress (No. 1829)
First sighting: Paris.

Tie-Front Blouse (No. 1851)
1950's Kate meets Lana

Ottoman Silk Pleat Front Pants (No. 2487)
Drape, pleats, lined, invisible zipper, 
darts for shape... all music to my ears.

If I  could pack these bags and oh, 
how I would love too....

The Chesterfield Suitcase Collection (No.1926)
English...First Class

With bags in hand, I would pop on....

 Miss Blue Hat (No. 1010)
from Ecuador

Italian Bucket Bag (No.2829)

But, before I go....

I had to take a look at your 
one-of-a-kind collection.  
These caught my eye....

Antique Dressmakers Mannequin, 
Ca. 1920.(No.C722)
Only because it has been a secret desire of mine...

Kilim-Patterned Armchair (No. 3144)
because we  think along the same lines...
read here

Lastly, I would love to sit in this chair 
with your reading suggestion,
A Day with Picasso (No.1211)

On that note, I sign off, 
thanking you for one of the best morning
coffee's I have had in some time!

See you in my travels!

images~ J. Peterman

Note to friends: Just me having fun :)
I love this company, it makes we want to see the world!

If you enjoy watching Out of Africa 
over and over again, as I do, read here.

22 January 2011

Feeling Inspired

Feeling inspired 
for a little bit 
of organization 
and creativity?

I'll join you :)

You can find lots of inspiration here,
in the February 2011 editions of 
Country Living UK

Best wishes for a wonderfully creative weekend!

Jeanne xxx

21 January 2011

Que Bella Luna

Full moon rising and I think the same thing every time.
My first thought is that the full moon explains all my irrational 
thoughts and behavior over the past few days. 

My second thought goes to some of my favourite moons shots.

Full Moon over Botswana

Full moon over the Sydney Opera House.
By the light of the shimmering moon...
She who has fear of heights thought the best way
to get over it was to climb to the top of the Sydney Harbour Bridge.
In this photo, I am with a hiking group I belonged to at the time.
I could not have climbed to the top without them.
It was the most spectacular sight!

me, back row, 2nd from left

I feel especially grateful to have met fellow blogger, Julie @ Being Ruby 
because I always think of her on a full moon and wonder 
what treats she will have in store for us next.
She has the most amazing moon shots!

This moon: 
Frangipani Moon

Last but not least, move fan that I am.
I always think of this movie.
An oldie but goodie, with a wonderful
cast...makes me feel good every time I watch it.
Que Bella Luna!

and on a personal note 
because you know how much I love to do that
and it is a full moon...
Major tissue activity for me tonight. 
My daughter, Miss Tine, 
left tonight, after a two month visit 
to start her second year of University in New Zealand.
As I type, her plane is flying it's way 
past the full moon over London to Auckland.
Moon tears...

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