31 May 2010

A Flowering Sloane Square for Chelsea Flower Show

Ooh la la....is the first thing I said when I popped out 
of the Sloane Square tube station this morning. 
I hit the streets bright and early to make the most of my day and quickly 
came upon these beautiful window displays.

This beauty is part of the Sloane in Bloom festivities
 in support of the Chelsea Flower Show.
I think the images speak for themselves but what I was really 
taken with was the lovely hats on display at

Whew...and this was all before I stepped into the Flower Show.....

and it was wonderful!!!!

But....I will have to save that for later :)
I have enough photos to make it last all summer long.
In the meantime, I have to run.

Mr. H is giving me 'the look'.
I need to pack.
We are off to Quebec City tomorrow 
to celebrate the birthday of a very special lady,
Mere Claire.
I am going to say adieu
and send you floral wishes for a wonderful weekend!!

Jeanne xx

27 May 2010

Gardening Inspiration..Chelsea Flower Show

Thinking of all you gardeners who like to pour over magazines and books for inspiration.
The Chelsea Flower Show is on in London. This lucky lady has tickets for tomorrow :)
The website is filled with lots of great ideas. Most definitely worth the look!

If you are looking for planting schemes with detailed information:

Can't wait to get my camera out for this one!
Enjoy your day!!

26 May 2010

A Garden to Love

This house is for sale...no, it is not mine! 
I was drawn to the garden. It must look spectacular from the house.
Imagine the fun you could have creating a garden like that. 
Imagine the flowers and herbs you could fill your house with!
Looks like the sort of garden that dreams are made of.

25 May 2010

Prince Charles

I am coming out of left field here. 
This is normally the sort of post I would put on Finding My Way
but you know how it is when the spirit moves you. 

It has come about in a strange way. 
The weather is beautiful here in London and at sunset 
I thought of the warm summer nights we spent in Italy a few summers ago. 
That prompted me to think of all the handsome, distinguished gentlemen 
I saw along the streets of Rome. They were 'mature' and impeccably dressed. 
I tried to look nonchalantly but I am sure the drool was spotted a mile away. 
I am a sucker for a man in a suit...especially Mr. H :)

I then thought it would be fun to do a little research
to see who are considered to be some of the best dressed men.
Guess who popped up over and over again?

British Esquire declared him
 the World's Best Dressed Man in 2009.
Who knew?
Not me.

I have to say, he does the English gentleman very well.

Jeremy Langmead, Esquire editor said
 "It''s the men who dress like grown-ups who really 
caught the judge''s eyes this year; as well as those who have developed 
their own distinctive style and stuck with it.

So there you go, I am living in the right place.
Now if I could just get Mr. H 
into Savile Row to pick up a few suits....

24 May 2010

What is not to love?

I just love this photo. 
It is relaxed, playful and it is all happening in a gorgeous setting.
What is not to love?

I could probably stop here but it gets better.

We are looking at the entry to Domaine du Sault
in the South of France, outside of Cannes.

The story starts with a table made from an old millstone.

It is the people who sat around the table one evening 
in 1948 that linger in one's mind.

The Duke and Duchess of Windsor, 
Clark Gable and Tyrone Power to name a few. 
The evening was aptly organized by one of the  
most celebrated hostess's of the time- 
'Elsa Maxwell reigned as America’s top party-giver in the mid-Twentieth Century. Labeled “The Hostess with the Mostest” by the press, her rise to command the ballrooms of New York, Vienna and London took her worlds away from her humble Iowa beginnings.'

I am sure the heady days of Elsa and her soiree's are sadly missed at Domaine du Sault.
I imagine they can still be heard on a summer's evening under the moonlit sky. 
It seems the home and grounds have always been destined for wonderful parties.

What is not to love about a home with a history?
Who knows what little trysts took place all those years ago?

It goes back even further, as parts of the house date back to the sixteenth century.
Ah, if these walls could talk, the tales they would tell....

The owners today are California based and have lovingly restored the house.

As you can see from the photos, the house has a wonderful feel to it. 
Elegant and family friendly, is that possible?
 It seems to be here. 
I can imagine children playing with crayons and paper on the dining table 
and books and legos scattered about. All with a minimum of fuss to clean up.

I am most impressed by the determination of the owner.
She took measurements of all the rooms, had the drapes made in California
and shipped them over in two 40-foot containers with assorted antiques and family furniture.
Having just crossed the sea with two 40-foot containers myself, I know this was no small feat.

They have since raised the millstone table to allow for more 
comfortable dining and the parties carry on.

The owner's thoughts on the house....
'It is so special, It has so much history. 
You really have the feeling there's a presence.'

I would say she is one lucky lady :)

Reference~ House & Garden magazine, August 2007
Photography~ Melanie Acevedo

23 May 2010

Seven Lovely Sisters

Seven Lovely Sisters
stretched along the sea
the depth of their beauty
is a wonder to me

From shining sea to country ramble

it was amazing to see

Here I sit, 
eight miles under my feet
the only thing 
I plan to do today...


Wishing you a lovely weekend!

Jeanne :)

Images ~ me

20 May 2010

Mr. H has his moment...in England

Surprises all around for this girl.

I was told that a new office chair was to be delivered on Wednesday morning and it would arrive between 9:00am-12:00pm. I decided it would be a good time to tackle a few house projects and started the day checking in with the blogging world.  You smile, as you know this was my first mistake. 

One hour later...with keys pounding away at my hopeless attempts at my Wordless Wednesday post, the intercom rang at the entrance gate. Frustrated, I buzzed the gate open after the driver mentioned a delivery. 

When he pulled up, I muttered something to myself about his not being able to read as this was not a delivery van and he was coming to the wrong house. My WW post still on my mind, I walked out and suggested he may have made a mistake and to check his address. When he read his instructions to me....my mouth dropped and I immediately whipped out the phone. 

To Mr. H...I said 
"There is a very white, low to the ground, 
convertible sports car in our driveway,
do you know anything about this?" 

To which he replied, 

'Yes, you said you wanted a chair with four wheels" 
(he laughs, referring to the office chair).

Pardon me while I swoon...
Mr. H loves surprises and loves to think 
of new ways to catch me off guard.

Our honeymoon, my wedding ring 
and my 40th birthday party are high on the list. 
I think he has outdone himself this time and he is delighted!

I should mention that a small, zippy car 
has been the subject of debate for 
several months now. I have discovered 
these little English country lanes 
are not suited for the large tank I currently drive. 

 There has been some serious 'mini ' 
envy these past few months. 
With each mention to Mr. H about a smaller car 
there was an emphatic 'no' in return.

Well done Mr H!

You may ask how I will spend my time in this zippy little car....

*Joni and I are going 
  to drive like the wind!

Care to join me?

* Listening to Joni Mitchell at Wordless Wednesday post

Wordless Wednesday

This is my first Wordless Wednesday 
and I have to admit it will be my last!

I have changed the pictures several times 
and feel like I have lost the plot.

Maybe I am not the wordless type?

Any hoo, still feeling sentimental.

Thinking of Joni and life at the time 
in my little corner of the world.

I started here....
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